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Sharon Lippincott

Thank you Stephanie and Andrea for this powerful post. How I wish my 100-year-old mother-in-law had put together such a document. We probably know everything that would be in it, but still, it would be comforting.

I suggest that for the intrepid, an additional step could be helpful, intriguing and enlightening: write the story of life as you hope to know it when you are 90, 95 and 100. I realize it may be hard to comprehend what additional drugs, procedures and devices may be available in twenty to forty years, or the state of our economy and society, but there's power in vision.

Piles of research inspired by James Pennebaker's work indicates that writing has preventive value as well as restorative. There are plenty of good reasons to write this story, some of them scientifically supportable.


Thanks, Sharon. Your idea for supplementing Andys ACD is excellent! I do hope more people begin to think this way.

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