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Okay, so as I read this, my mind jumped to one of my favorite jokes, which of course I see as a cartoon in my mind. The joke is, "how many cockroaches does it take to screw in a light bulb?" The answer is, "you never can find out, because they all scatter as soon as you turn on the light." So, there I am, a cockroach. And there I am again, the guy who turns on the light ... LOL. Okay, now I guess the dialogue goes something like, "You will never understand me ..." and the other, "If you would only not run when I turn on the light." But I have to wonder, is the entire joke now really on me, the observer, because what does this really say about ME?! ;-) Thanks very much for sharing the technique. I'll have to try it out on some real cartoons now.


Hi, Alexandria. Your comment was great. Made me smile! In the world of psychosynthesis, there is a self who coordinates all the aspects, parts, or subpersonalities. But in order to coordinate, the self needs to know the aspects, know their strengths and values, and be aware of when they are showing up.

I first learned of how it worked before I took psychosynthesis training. I was trying to decided whether to quit practicing law. Gary Friedman had me do that Gestalt chair exercise where the part of me wanting to continue the law sat in one chair, and the one that did not want to continue was in another chair. They had a conversation, a dispute, and then Gary told me to sit in a third chair and mediate them. The mediator was the self and the two of my subpersonalities were in conflict that day. (Many times they team up as a strong team, too.) Make sense?

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