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Sharon Lippincott

The roots of memory lie in perception. I wrote an essay about an experience in 1980 that proved how unreliable PERCEPTION is. The event featured in the essay was a mock trial, and testimony there totally shattered our belief in eye-witness testimony. You can download the essay here: http://www.sharonlippincott.com/downloads/Mayhem_at_Camp_RYLA.pdf


Thanks, Sharon. I will look forward to reading it.

The roots of memory lie in retrieval, too. Each time we retrieve it, the memory is likely different. Depends upon so many factors including our mood when the retrieval occurs. Because the pieces of the memory reside in different places in the brain, the reconstruction provides much opportunity for, and likelihood of, change.

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wow, "69 acres of quiet beauty." that sounds like a paradise. me and my friends also had fun, we went to the country side and enjoyed the meal and stuff there.

~Aansy Stone

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