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Thanks for the mention Stephanie! I'm actually in the process of doing a series called Thrillable Hours (which I thought was hilarious as a name, non-lawyers less so ;) about alternative careers, mostly lawyers who have left practice to do something new (some who are doing international work instead of private practice). Thus far, I've interviewed a crime novelist, chef, another travel blogger (Akila from The Road Forks) and a yoga instructor. If you're interested, there's a button on the sidebar to my site that links to the full series.

Thanks again and have a great weekend,


Thanks, Jodi. I added a link to your series. I have found collecting these life-after-law stories over the years has been great fun, and am glad to learn of even more!

Michael Hodson

Thanks so much for highlighting Jodi and I. Its been a blast to be out here on the road. Hope that both Jodi and I are providing a little inspiration for fellow lawyers that are looking to add a little travel spice to their lives.

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