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Dennis baird

Why do people who want to make a point (or gain a larger audience?) seem to, so frequently, exaggerate in extremis and then attack their definition. Positivism is not Pollyana-ism. Read Barbara Fredrickson's book called "Positivism".

Stephanie West Allen

Hi, Dennis, and thanks for your comment. I am not sure I follow. Where does she attack her definition? I wasn't aware that she did but may have missed it. Are you talking about the Times writer exaggerating? But then I don't see where Sanghera attacked any definition either. Help me out here.

I think all book authors "want to gain a larger audience" so I don't fault her for that. I just think her portrayal of positive thinking may be a bit off. But then neither of us have read the book so can't say for sure.

It may be that Ehrenreich has already read the Fredrickson book. If you want to recommend it to her, maybe you can find an e-mail address on the 'net.


Hello Stephanie
I hope all is well with you.
I read something in the print media very similar to Ehrenreich's thesis several months ago, and have been pondering and reflecting on whether there is a direct correlation, that is a causal connection in cause and effect, and if so, to what extent.

I have concluded that in certain situations, any thinking has the potential for leading to dangerous results, postive, negative and everything kind of thinking in between.

I am presently reading the book "Positivitism" written by Barbara Fredrickson and I personally find her reasons for thinking positive far outweigh any other kinds of thinking.

I look forward to your blogs and remain,
Yours very truly,

John Eric Pollabauer

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