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Vickie Pynchon

On the many occasions across the course of a 25-year legal career, others suggested to me that I change my clients (the ACLU say) or change my specialty. I'd had enough different clients in my first five years of practice to know that those would not make a litigation and trial career better for me. I'd done a fair amount of pro bono work; worked for small business and large; represented injured plaintiffs; practiced real estate, intellectual property, personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice, antitrust and unfair competition cases, all in those first five years. What all of these clients and specialties had in common was the adversarial process, endless discovery, unprepared and uncaring judges (20% were GREAT & you know the rest) and fractious colleagues. As I was telling someone just today, if you are a litigator you must LOVE to win, I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I did. Because if winning doesn't give you a THRILL it's just not worth the way the practice shanghais your life. Now, in retrospect, I see that 25 years of practice was my apprenticeship for mediating litigated cases, well worth the years.

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