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Hello Stephanie,

1) Sharon Begley moderates one of the panels, and I hope stays several days. You can't find a better translator for neuroplasticity research.

2) I proposed a wider presence of brain fitness and neuroplasticity topics, even within what you call the "materialistic" approach. They couldn't, or didn't want to, do it. Now, when I see the whole agenda and recognize this is their first Health event, I am very impressed by what they have put together. And am sure they are open to improving making future events even better

3) Let me disagree with your statement "Some of the most "exciting developments in medical science" are non-materialist (not measurable)" By definition, science is measurable. And that's what makes neuroplasticity such a fascinating field: how several practices, like meditation, cognitive therapy, cognitive training, schwartz's OCD work, are showing science-based, measurable effects, by analyzing precisely what happens in our very "materialistic" brain when we train "it" (you can call "it" brain or mind, it doesn't matter). Which then results in a refined mind experience.

This fascinating field is emerging...and, while no one is perfect, I am glad to see so many people trying.


Hi, Alvaro. I just wrote a long response to you and TypePad seems to have lost it. I am frustrated and so this will be much shorter.

Are you aware of the hot debate between materialism and non-materialism in science?

It is certainly The Aspen Institute's perogative to hold a materialist conference but I expected that they would be more balanced, maybe even just one program from the non-materialist perspective.

Basically the materialists think that nothing exists that can't be measured. I am not of that opinion.

Self-directed neuroplasticity and neuroplasticity are not the same thing so to include more neuroplasticity would not necessarily have addressed my concern. Is the mind in charge or is the brain? I say the mind. Yes, the difference between the mind and the brain does matter. It is huge. It sounds like you thnk the brain is in charge of the mnd?

Can't wait to read your posts about this conference. I know they will be good.

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