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Susan Cartier Liebel

How about..."I am the captain of my ship." This tells the world you control your work but there are others who help you accomplish your goals?

Julie Fleming-Brown

Stephanie, I completely agree. Your comments put me in mind of John Donne's "no man is an island, entire of itself," though happily without the meditation on death. How I might respond to questions about my "solo status" would likely follow. I work by myself, but that work is informed and enriched by many others.

I also like Susan's suggested "captain of my ship" metaphor.

Gini  Nelson

Hi Stephanie. I've been a solo with a home office and no employees for years. The ABA-sponsored listserve "Solosez" has been one of my "necessaries" since 1995 or 1996 when I discovered the internet. It was and is a solo's "water cooler" for jokes, politics. amd discussion of the business of law as well as a resource for legal discussions and aid. The core participants become legal colleaques and the breadth and depth of help one can get takes your breath away. More than than, the core participants become friends. I've met up with Solosezzers in Washington, DC; Seattle; San Francisco; and stayed overnight with one in Montana when I have travelled there; and also here in Santa Fe when they have travelled through here.

I do think some "solos" are more solitary than other "solos" in their personality preferences, and that some solo practices lend themselve more to a solo practice than others. The main characteristic I attach to the concept of "sole practitioner" is "independent". The quality of life and practice for a solo varies enormously, depending, I think, as with many things, on the mindfullness and discipline they bring to their life and practice. I see "bad" solos, and "good" solos, and everything in between, just as I see "bad" corporate and "good" corporate and everything in between.

As always, Stephanie, you bring rich insights and questions into your blogging. Thank you.

Scott Berkun

I hope this doesn't confuse the matter by throwing another word into the mix, but I refer to myself as independent all the time. I like that word better than solo: I don't think using that word discounts all the help I get from people - and it does clarify to clients or acquaintances how I work.

(And P.S. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book)

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