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Susan Cartier Liebel

Mine got a PG because I've used the word 'kill' 5x times and 'pain' 2x. Carolyn Elefant's MyShingle got a PG because she used the word 'crack' 1x. What a hoot! But I can see how it would be useful for parents.

Vickie Pynchon

My PG was based on using the word "tit" which I'm certain I've never used but I do use brackets a lot and assume I bracketed a couple of words that started with "tit." What's hilarious/ominous about all this is the opportunity/spectre of using "dumb" computer tools to steer readers to this or that corner of the web. Will we EVER stop being so puritanical?

MORE troubling is the eerie semi-censorship of anything that has to do with how difficult it is to be human.

"Kill" and "pain" are not suitable for children? Read those fairy tales again!

And NOW to screw up Stephanie's G rating -- damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

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