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Paul @ Elders Tribune

Thanks Stephanie for the link to my post. I do hope more people know about this serious issue and the discussion carries on.

Susan Cartier Liebel

As far as the elderly, I am upset there exists such a hate group but upon reflection it is very symptomatic of the society we live in. The elderly are not revered for their wisdom and contributions to our lives. The elderly are not part of the nuclear family anymore. Where is the extended family of three generations co-existing in the same neighborhood? We have kids beating up and stealing from their grandparents. Younger parents (from the 'me' generation) consider their elder parents nuisances they 'have to deal with' while caring for their own children..a financial burden they do not want to bear. And the attitude of this individual is brought to their children. Now the younger generation is angry with the 'elderly' for being a drain on the social security system not understanding they've paid in for decades and it is time for the return on their contribution. It's beyond sad but unfortunately understandable as the elderly have become disenfranchised from society in so many ways and the younger generations is just voicing through the internet what they have been taught. It's disgusting. I grew up with three grandparents who were adored and respected, this respect taught to me by my parents. I can't imagine a world without the wisdom of our elders.


In response to this:

As far as the elderly, I am upset there exists such a hate group but upon reflection it is very symptomatic of the society we live in

I think that you're right that it's at least reflective of some parts of society, but what I'm most bothered about is the hypocrisy of Facebook in tolerating this speech, but not other types of hate speech. I am not advocating that it should be a free-for-all, but at the very least, the terms and conditions should be evenly applied.

A symptom can be treated and cured; an infection is a far more difficult thing.

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