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Susan Cartier Liebel

Interestingly, I feel differently. Sometimes there is so much discourse it can be overwhelming to the point one cannot even sort out how they actually think or feel about the horrors in the world. Issues and terrifying images get tuned out or blog-surfed, channels changed on the radio or the tv when we can't deal with horrors. The message gets lost precisely because there are too many people talking at once. No one is saying that if there is breaking news that bloggers should maintain silence but imagine bloggers collectively stepping back from their keyboards, not thinking about who's posting what, or their internet business, leaving the keyboard and the clogged blogfeeders and just think and reflect. The next day, imagine the collective reflections being posted.
Of course, everything in life is optional and maybe everyone has done their thinking and moving on...but since the tragedy, the blogosphere has already been filled with responsible and constructive outrage. Silence....it's rare and a lost treasure in the cacophony.

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