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Delany Dean

I teach mindfulness practice as a counseling, or mental health, intervention, to master's level practicum students. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to introduce this practice (a practice of the intentional, compassionate direction and re-direction of attention) in alternative ways that are clear, down-to-earth, and that do not invoke a lot of baggage or prejudice involving Asian spirituality. Stephanie's post does this admirably and (unless she forbids me!) I fully intend to incorporate some of these ideas into my own teaching, both for my students and for their clients!


That's right. Leadership must start within us and must be learned instead of doing the usual things in life. We must first master it before trying it to other people, otherwise it's irresponsible.


You're right about that. Failing self leadership means that we are not yet ready to move on to the next phase which is leading other people. It is important that we master self leadership first before moving on to leading others.

Senia.com Positive Psychology Coaching

So much of life is about being mindful! I cannot type email and be on the phone at the same time. I have tried, but it's not too doable! Mindfulness is fabulous for its usefulness. And we also know it's worth doing because it's enjoyable too!

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