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Congrats on your first "birthday", Stephanie, and keep up the good work!


Susan Cartier Liebel

Happy Birthday to you, Stephanie...One never looked so good. And I am honored to be considered one of the 'benefits' of your blogging experience.
I hope you will continue to keep us well informed in your naturally 'positive' way.

Phil Gerbyshak

Congrats Stephanie! The best is yet to come!

Glad to know you! You've certainly enriched my world!

Kevin OKeefe

Congrats Stephanie, keep up the good work. You're making a great contribution to the blogospere.


A very very sharp one-year old, I will say :-)


Congrats, Stephanie! Your blog is such an inspiration!

Leah Maclean

Happy birthday Stephanie! If had know that it was your blogs 1st birthday I would have included that in the Carnival of Entrepreneurs. I might just go back in today and add a note anyway.

Make sure you celebrate!

Michelle Golden

Stephanie, in your first year you've accomplished SO MUCH! Thank you for all you add to my mind and to the land 'o blogs. You're wonderful and I'm glad I've met you, too!

Diane Levin

Stephanie, happy, happy birthday to one of my favorite voices on the web. I learn something new each time I visit--thanks for helping me see the world afresh with every post you write.

Best wishes,

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