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Ellen Weber

I was interested in David maister's shift in focus. Did he say what made it happen?


Hi, Ellen. I am sure he did but I am not sure what RRR is referencing specifically. If you click on the above link for David Maister, you can either e-mail him or look on his blog to see if he addresses the change there. He is very approachable.

Susan Cartier Liebel

Stephanie, I learned the most valuable lesson from my great Aunt regarding sickness. She passed away at 105 years old, healthy, sound mind until the last year. She (and my grandmother) had lost their parents, uncles, aunts in concentration camps when they (my great aunt and grandmother) were in their late 20's. When I asked my great Aunt how she stayed so healthy (the worst she had was an ingrown toenail)...her response..."I never knew what diseases I was SUPPOSED to have."

As for what makes a happy lawyer, I've always known the secret..."following your own definition of success with your license to practice law...not anyone else's."

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