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Terry Starbucker

Well done - I like these better than FROG! Well, maybe a "click frog" :-) Great advice in any case; thanks and all the best.


Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your note. I recently had the opportunity to examine past goals when an old friend I lost touch with suddenly reappeared in my life.

It was very telling, what we each chose to devote our limited time to share with eachother to get caught-up.

Having helped hundreds of lawyers build their small law firms I can tell you that the ones who’ve had the greatest successes are those who developed the "right" kinds of goals. That is, realistic and measurable goals which address all of their TRUE motivations, not just financial.

In my experience, the right kinds of goals are those that address your Financial, Social and Professional needs. And to put it bluntly, if your law firm business isn’t serving each of these needs, you’re in trouble.

Before I help them establish their goals for 2007 I'm going to suggest this exercise to all of my rainmaking coaching clients:

1. Write a letter to an old friend you have lost touch with to catch him or her up on what's going on in your life.

2. Categorize what you talk about and what you exclude from the letter.

3. Make sure whichever acronym you choose for your 2007 goals, is consistent and drives you towards the categories that get top billing in your letter, not just how you want your law firm to perform financially.


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Hello, Rjon. Thanks for your comment. I so agree that the goals need to be rounded for many people. I always hesitate to say anything categorically as we are each so different. One of the biggest things I keep in the front of my mind when working with clients and their goals is one size does not fit all. Here's a post on that:


Wish you well with all those activities you have described in your comment.

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