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Sharon Lippincott

Amen. Hooray! I hope other bloggers will take note and you'll set a new standard. Personally I get dizzy reading blogs with a plethora of links and echos. I can't follow them all and maintain any reasonable train of coherent thought. I love the idea of being true to your own message and taking personal responsibility for new and original thoughts.

With an ironic sense of relief I realize I never followed those rules because I didn't know they existed. Yes, I've corrected typos and done whatever was needed to make the archives of my blog something I can be proud of for posterity. But then mine isn't news. Mine is instruction. Different blogs for different purposes.

Though we've followed different paths, you got me started, and I thank you for that. You've blogged well, and it sounds as if you'll be blogging even better, becoming a leader in the art, and perhaps setting new standards.

Jenny Meadows

As the editor of several blogs, I'm in full agreement with you. I often go in after a writer has hit the Publish button without running the article by me first. And the LAST thing I, as a reader, would want to see is a bunch of struck-through text! Gads, I can't even imagine it.

Even when I worked in the newspaper business, we didn't do that. If we found an error in one edition, we fixed it and voila! The next readers never knew they were laying eyes on corrected text. And they shouldn't. Reading should be seamless.

As for the other points, I also agree. And I'll add a 12th one -- Bloggers who suspect that they have even a tiny problem with spelling, syntax, punctuation, etc., would do their readers a favor by hiring a professional editor. Their readers will thank them for it!

And a good copy editor will NOT mess with an author's voice or style.

(P.S. There are lots of professional copy editors out there - look for one who meets your needs.)

Jenny Meadows
Austin Texas USA
[email protected]

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