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Sharon Lippincott

Stephanie -- Thanks for the great post. Nice to know that my blogging is keeping my brain young, right along with all those crossword puzzles.

This post and the item it links to spur me to postulate that the self-analysis done during writing life stories and memoirs also rearranges neural connections. Research has already demonstrated that the act of remembering an event restructures the memory of the event by incorporating traces of the occasion upon which it was remembered. Following this line of thinking we could actually redesign our pasts by remembering them in structured ways. Is this scary or exciting? Take your pick!


What hopeful news -- no wonder some of us like blogging so well. Thanks for your thoughtful ideas here, Stephanie!

Brain Based Business

Eileen van Ravenswaay

I just started blogging, and after I sent an email to my friend Sharon about how wonderfully absorbing it is, she sent me the link to your blog.

Ideaphoria is a new term for me. It's nice to have a better word for my favorite state of mind. Heretofore, I thought of this mind state as instrinsic motivation to learn. But ideaphoria gives a much better sense of the feeling that produces instrinsic motivation.

I bet most bloggers are high on ideaphoria. And I bet that blogging promotes a state of ideaphoria.

So I wonder if blogging would help students experience ideaphoria, which in turn, would promote their intrinsic motivation to learn.

In addition to the Eid's blog, do you know about any other research on technologies or environments that encourage the development of ideaphoria? Is it simply innate or learned?

Thanks for your very stimulating blog. I will recommend it to all my ideaphoria friends.


Hello, Eileen, and thanks so much for posting. You may enjoy taking a look at http://www.trackknacks.com as you will find there more nformation about ideaphoria. I will be adding in the future, too.

Ideaphoria is the number of, or speed at which, new ideas come to a person. It does not have anything to do with the quality of the ideas. The hunger to learn may come from other factors such as values or being high subjective/specialist (see TrackKnacks for more about that).

(A thought: you might enjoy the chapter on giftedness in the Eids' new book The Mislabeled Child .)

Not sure if ideaphoria is innate or learned but we can say that a person's ideaphoria score is hard-wired at about the age of 15 and does not change much after that. I suspect given what we know about neuroplasticity that you can promote ideaphoria in a child.

Ideaphoria in high levels is both a gift and a burden. I am in the process of writing a book and much of it will address the challenge of high ideaphoria and how to harness it.

Please do send your High I friends! I would love to "meet" them. Again, thanks.

Kevin McGrew

Ideaphoria, as you folks are calling it, refers to a collection of narrow cognitive abilities under the broad CHC (Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory of Cognitive Abilities) domain of Gr (idea production) or Glr (long-term storage and retrieval). More information can be found at http://www.iapsych.com/chcdef.htm. Look under the domain of Glr for the various "fluency" cognitive abilities, esp. idea production (FI).


Thanks for the comment, Kevin. That link did not work for me. The test for ideaphoria comes from the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. They have several labs around the US and have been testing since the early 1900s. The same assessment for ideaphoria is used by AIMS and Highlands Ability Battery. You would need to check with the researchers to see if what you are talking about is the same as what we measure. I hesitate to draw any conclusions as people often will try to draw parallels without having extensive knowledge of the two tests they are comparing; I don't want to do that. Again, thanks.

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