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September 01, 2013



I like your SIN Stephanie. It speaks to me of the need for mediators to have a diverse toolkit, in order to get consistently effective (mediated) resolutions. And, SIN also reminds me of the collaborative law maxim, 'it takes a system to change a system'. I see the 2 maxims as related.


Hi, Ben. Thanks; glad you like SIN.

I dont pretend to know much about collaborative law so dont know how it sees systems. Heres more or less how I see them:http://westallen.typepad.com/idealawg/2006/12/interview_of_ir.html

I talked with a wise friend of mine in May who tells me that systems theory and chaos, complexity, etc., have followed a path similar to that of neuroscience and entered the world of pop science with all the attendant misstatements, overstatements, and inaccuracies. But I dont know that about systems from personal experience. I do know the field of family systems has come under some criticism that seemed justified when I read an article or two.

Can you recommend something I can read about this maxim you mention? Id like to learn.

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