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September 22, 2012


Amanda Bucklow

Super post, Stephanie! Well done! I particularly like the phrase 'decision coaching': it really describes what we do and like you I feel that drawing has a tremendous role to play in making that work even better and more effective. I have so enjoyed our conversations about this subject: two brains divided by an ocean coming to similar insights! What else don't we know yet about the way humans 'think together'??

Looking forward to your take on this over your next posts.


Thanks for the comment, Amanda. Our conversations have given me an added level of excitement about the use of drawing. Thanks for that, too. I hope you blog about your great take on the topic.

I think I saw decision coach in one of the articles about doctors using pictographs. It is a nice way to phrase what mediators do.

Our coming to similar insights continues to amaze and delight me.

Now, please blog . . .


Idea is great, its results must also be great but the need is to popularize it, for that entire media including blogging one can do a lot. Similar ideas I keep on sharing at my blog.

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