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May 18, 2012


Andrew Bateman

Fair point. so the question that occurs to me is whether to retweet this :-)
I'm guilty as charged of retweeting things I consider of interest - (and I do try to pass a quality judgement on the scienc) - to brain injury colleagues - what's my motivation? - 2 things, one is a kind of brand presence for OZC, and second my own twitter record is proving to be a useful aide memoire of useful stuff i've picked up from the web or from conferences. nothing more fancy than that.


Hi, Andrew. I am not talking about people like you who pass a quality judgement. The Tweety Birds are those who Tweet and reTweet the press releases, etc., without thinking or endeavoring to ascertain quality or accuracy. I dont understand the non-thinking Tweeters. They lose credibility with me; I think: If they are sloppy about this, what else are they doing carelessly?

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