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May 07, 2012


Nancy White

Wow, thanks, Stephanie, but I must first demure... I am a LEARNER in this field, not a leader. At least in the sense of experience. I DO like to jump off the cliff of learning, however!

It was a joy to record your talk. I'm already incorporating some of the things I have learned.

Neil Denny

Stephanie, I was at your workshop and really enjoyed the content and also the extra stimulus of watching the ideas be converted from audio to visual. A genius idea.

I am a big believer in the power of drawing to bypass limiting thoughts and also to introduce new stimulus to allow new thoughts to emerge.

I was fotunate enough to have attended a Doodle workshop by the wonderful Tom Fishburne at last autumn's Do lectures in Wales. That workshop changed how I take notes and prepare slide decks for talks.
http://tomfishburne.com (Tom blogs on that very workshop and features a doodle of mine here http://tomfishburne.com/2011/10/evolution-of-creativity.html

He, in turn, put me onto Sunni Brown and her book Gamestorming which explores the use of visuals in group activities such as training and facilitation - not a million miles away from mediation. http://sunnibrown.com/

I used doodling myself in my Grudgeology workshop at the NWDR and you can see the slides (from a previous presentation) here;

I encourage anyone to get over themselves and the commonly shared notion that "I can't draw" and just try it. The childlike simplicity in doodling through the next lecture or workshop you go to can be invigorating!

Thank you Stephanie for your own workshop. I am going to add attnetion choreography to my learned skills and practice that as well!


Thanks, Neil. I was glad you came to my session.

The Doodle workshop looks like a lot of fun, and valuable too. Your doodle was excellent! I do have Sunni Browns book and have read it. I have a bunch of books I like on this topic in addition to the ones I mentioned in the workshop. For example, the Dan Roam books and YOUR ARTISTS BRAIN by Carl Purcell. Here are some others that Nancy White recommends:


You may like this drawing exercise that Fredrike Bannink uses in mediations:


Great to hear from you here on my blog. I am sure we will remain in touch.

My best,


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