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August 04, 2009



my vote:

#4 is my top choice and #3 is second place

#5 looks like a Salvador Dali painting, if only you could throw in a few enlarged insects and some nudity.

#2 color doesn't bring out the CARVE well enough.

#1 Makes me wonder if the carver knows what he's doing... I'm doubting him from the start :)


I like #5. It depends on its use, though. Use #5 for some purposes and #4 for purposes where #5 looks cluttered. Definitely the smaller chisel.


#1 is my choice because it's more about the process than the final project for me so I like that the word carve is actually on the tool.

Pat Wagner

The mallet and chisel does not do it for me. When I first thought carve, I thought someone making something beautiful with a small penknife, carving a plain piece of wood into something intricate, like a butterfly in their hand. I might be imposing my own views on conflict mgt - starts with personal responsibility.

Pat Wagner

Stephanie West Allen

Thanks, everyone. These are all a bit too masculine for me. I specifically asked the artist not to have the letters being carved as it does not represent what happens. He did not read that e-mail. I also wanted him to make the other one softer but for some reason that was not possible.

Pat, I like your idea but will need to lose my frustration before I go back to the drawing board. Would love to know what you see that is not about personal responsibility. The right and responsibility to solve the dispute lies with the parties. That belief is the heart of any conflict resolution process of which I am a part so I wondered why you made that comment?

Carol Simon

A comment from an objective, yet interested, observer who stumbled onto this blog by serendipity...

By definition, a chisel requires force or external power to do its job. From my brief scan of the words for the acronym for CARVE, this seems to me as counter-productive to the intent of this important work - which is to empower people and not impose power over them.

Carving does not have to be about force. For this reason, I wonder if an image of careful sculpting - where the artist and medium seem to work together - something like whittling a branch or piece of wood, etching into ceramic sculpture or clay as a image to communicate "coaxing the material into its final form" - whether it be artwork or functional tool, might better communicate your intent.


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