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October 21, 2008



Your post today takes me back years to when I was studying and working with Assagioli's psychosynthesis material. It is a model I still work with today. I like the way you posed the question, and I would say that yes, you are mediating with the self-mediator IF that master is in charge. If a subpersonality is running the show, you may be mediating with a partial person. Whether one calls it consciousness, emotional intelligence, emotional bandwidth, conscious competence... the more aware all parties in the room are that multiple aspects of "self" are actually in the mediation, the more the self-mediator will facilitate a positive outcome.

The more we can expand our emotional bandwidth, especially when in an emotionally charged situation, the more whole and peaceful our lives will be. I can't speak to how the brain functioning fits with this, though. I leave that to you and Jeff Schwartz as my gurus on that piece of it.

Thanks for the provocative question, Stephanie! Trina


Thanks for your comments, Trina. I am not sure exactly what emotional bandwidth means so may be off here. In my way of seeing things, we would not want to increase the bandwidth of the brain but maybe of the mind.

Assagioli's work endures through time, doesn't it? He was so perceptive.

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