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November 13, 2007


Dr. Mike

"...under the direction of, the mind."

What is physically real? The brain is a physical (read: real) entity. "Mind" is a function of the brain. It is not a physical entity, nor can it have any real "effect" on a physical entity. The illusion of the mind is critically important for human society. Yet, it is still an illusion. The role of neuroscience is to understand how physical brains can produce this neat illusion of mind. This is perhaps accomplished partly by mirror neurons.


Thanks for your comment, Dr. Mike. I believe if you have been following this blog you will know that we definitely do not believe the mind is a function of the brain. That's part of the reason this blog is called Brains On Purpose—the mind creates the brain on purpose using self-directed neuroplasticity.


i love your site! wish i had more time to look around...ah, modernity.

psych students will be keen to visit, and i will coming back myself to learn more about mindful conflict responses.

Senia.com Positive Psychology Coaching

This is one of my favorites of your posts. Thank you. Intriguing. I'll think about this one long after I've walked away from my computer.
Thank you,

Dr. Jeffrey

With all due respect, the evidence supports Dr Mike. It does not matter whether you "believe" the mind to be independent. We are talking about science. And the main result of the past hundred years of physical science is that everything is understandable in terms of the interactions of its parts. Cells are made of atoms, atoms are made of electrons, up quarks and down quarks. All of these parts interact according to well understood physical principles. And in large quantities over standard human time scales, these parts interact deterministically.

georg summar

Where is the evidence?



Dr Alex Palazzo

"we definitely do not believe the mind is a function of the brain"

That flies in the face of much research. How do you explain Brocca's findings that the ablation of one region of the brain impacts the ability to produce language? How do you explain Wernicke's findings that if you ablate another area you destroy the ability to understand language? How do you explain Dr Penfield's experiments? How do explain the alteration of brain function by drugs?

The simple truth of the mater is that is you alter the physical brain this changes the functioning of the mind. To suggest otherwise shows an ignorance of over 100 years of experimental research.

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