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September 07, 2007


Vickie Pynchon


This is a brilliant post for so many reasons; the writing, first, or maybe the thinking first, then the writing, but I find them to be the same, don't you? At any rate I write my way into solutions and bigger and better ideas than I can have alone in my head without the keyboard and a string of words to, as Philip Roth once wrote, "tame the temporary tyranny of my incoherence."

I won't even mention the other ways in which this post is a model blog post; I'll just recommend it to bloggers' attention as doing all the right things.

As to the body. An observer in a community mediation once asked me if I was aware that I physically mirrored the motions of my disputants. I had not. "It's just a physical expression of empathy" I said and I'm glad to see that the thought was not original with me AND that there's actual science to back it up!

Best to you and your lucky readers,


S. Mark Barnes

My first exposure to the concept of neuroplasticity came several years ago with "The Mind and the Brain." I have been fascinated ever since. I recently read Norman Doidge's book "The Brain that Changes Itself." Another incredible book, so I was hoping for a similar experience with "The Body has a Mind of Its Own." It was full of great information. I would recommend reading the book. However, the last chapter was a real disappointment. The author went for what often seems to be the obligatory atheist rant. She tries to assert that all the information in the book leads to the unmistakable conclusion that we are nothing more than a bag of chemicals. Somehow breaking a part of the brain demonstrates that there is no sole. I guess breaking part of my computer would prove that I do not exist to the person receiving my garbled emails (following her logic.) I have no problem with a person deciding to be an atheist. But, I have a difficult time understanding evangelical atheism.

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