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Sharon Lippincott

Stephanie, go for the book. The world needs to hear this story, and as you say, it will be a fun write!


Sharon, I so appreciate your saying that. The thought of turning it into a story seems daunting. So much else happened in those few years: I worked for an eccentric trust funder at a beautiful resort, met people like Shirley McLains channel (and actually liked him a lot), learned the rich and unique history of New Mexico, lived next ranch over from descendants of the Daltons and learned from that experience a different kind of law from whats on the books, etc., . . .

And, as you know, I learned all about my beloved chile peppers!

I envy one of the duo of writers of Ellery Queen mystery novels. One thought up the stories and the other wrote.


PS Sharon, click on the Sarah Grayson link in my post for a fascinating story . . .

Anne Stuart

There was one exercise that my professor taught us in college. Get a piece of paper and pen. In 5 minutes, write all you can, anything that comes to your mind. Anything. From the most mundane thoughts, to the most disturbing. You'll be surprised what you'll be able to read afterwards. It's definitely contemplative.

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