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Carolyn Elefant

I took a look at these presentations when I saw Matt's post originally. The problem that I have is that I can't really figure out how to apply this technique to a "hard core" legal talk - for example, one where you're explaining multiple parts of the tax code or different layers of jurisdiction. In many cases, the Pecha Kucha presentations are really for presentations where you wouldn't necessarily have a power point, but might instead give a lecture and hold up pictures. If you have examples of it being used for legal matters, I'd like to see them.


I have not seen them used for legal matters yet but do think there would be times where even there they could be helpful. My suggestion was for firm meetings—the committee meetings and the practice group meetings and the associate meetings and the partner meetings and the staff meetings and the firm meetings. The list could go on and on just as many of those meetings seem to do. One of many reasons: Some lawyers have a tendency to pontificate and draw a minor point out forever.

Matthew Homann

We did a bit of this at my Idea Market a few months ago. My favorite part isn't necessarily the "20 slides" part, but rather the constraints of telling a story in an artificially limited amount of time/slides/etc.

I've had great success with a "Powerpoint Haiku" exercise I've developed that gives people 3 slides to tell a story. The first is the What, the second is the How, and the third is the Why.

The Haiku part is that the slides may only contain 5 words, 7 words, and 5 words, respectively.

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