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» Lawyers appreciate discussing interesting and new legal issues from Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer
One of the most positive aspects of practicing criminal law in Austin, Texas is the collegiate atmosphere shared among my defense brethren.The practice of criminal defense actually consists of enormous amounts of standing around in court time, wa... [Read More]

» Lawyers Appreciate Integrity from Settle It Now Negotiation Blog
Julie Fleming Brown of Life at the Bar and Stephanie West Allenof Idealawg are ending the year with aflurry of appreciation in the legal blogosphere. They each begansending an e-mail to three bloggers asking them to write a post to... [Read More]

» Lawyers appreciate mentorship from Lawsagna
An appreciation storm is taking over the legal blogosphere thanks to the efforts of Stephanie West Allen of Idealawg and Julie Fleming Brown of Life at the Bar. I got swept away by the idea. Here’s my contribution. Lawyers appreciate [Read More]

» Lawyers Appreciate... from basquette case
Lawyers appreciate freedom. I began this year - 2006 - in a very different place from the one in which I'm ending it. I started 2006 on a seasonably mild (for my hometown) on January 1: a homeowner married mother [Read More]

» Lawyers Appreciate Clients Who Foster Productivity from Legal Andrew
Anastasia passed me the baton for the 10-day lawyers appreciate countdown. I love group projects, so heres my post. Of course lawyers appreciate their clients. After all, they are the ones who pay the bill. More importantly, law... [Read More]

» What lawyers appreciate... from Ernie The Attorney
We enjoy representing clients who have genuine problems, clients who value thoughtful advice, and who understand the risks of going to court and are willing to compromise when that makes sense ---but who are willing to prepare fully for going [Read More]

» lawyers appreciate pro-se-friendly courts from shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress
Across the blawgiverse, law-related weblogs have been closing 2006 with a ten-day Lawyers Appreciate Countdown (find links here).  Each participant tags three other webloggers, and Robert Ambrogi brought me into the appre... [Read More]

» lawyers appreciate good haiku from f/k/a . . .
Our often tardy and absent Editor tagged his f/k/a alter egos this afternoon with an invitation to the Lawyers Appreciate Countdown a ten-day event, in which lawyer webloggers have been closing out 2006 by discussing what lawyers apprec... [Read More]

» Lawyer's appreciate ... from Minor Wisdom
A couple of lawyer bloggers, Stephanie West Allen of Idealawg and Julie Fleming Brown of Life at the Bar, came up with a terrific idea for an end-of-year chain post. The idea is to write a post beginning with the [Read More]

» Lawyers Appreciate - Home Office Lawyers Appreciate from Home Office Lawyer
I was tagged byLegal Andrew and must respond. And today is the deadline. I delayed doing this post, mainly because I was having a hard time coming up with something to say. And than it came to me, talk about [Read More]

» Lawyers Appreciate .... from Adventure of Strategy
Stephanie West Allen at Idealawg has 'tapped' me to contribute to the 'Lawyers Appreciate' string that she started back on 22 December and ends at midnight tonight. I really enjoy Stephanie's blog. Our thinking coincides a great deal when... [Read More]

» What Lawyers Appreciate from South Carolina Family Law Blog
Andrew Flusche of LegalAndrew.com tagged me to participate in the lawyers appreciate countdown. Here goes my contribution... Lawyers appreciate and need the following three things to be successful: Excellent Clients: The best cl... [Read More]


Stephen Seckler

Stephanie and Julie,

This is a great idea and I don't mean to constrain anyone's creativity; but perhaps you could clarify a little. Do you want us to post what we appreciate ourselves (assuming we are lawyers) or what we think lawyers in general appreciate? I think it is easier for most to us to speak from our own point of view rather than trying to describe how others might feel. Another post with a teeny bit more guidance might help. (Sorry to be so lawyerly about this :) )

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